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Pavia Farmaceutici is a company active in the research and development of medical devices and new disinfectants as well as in the development of delivery systems for cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

In close cooperation with Italian and foreign Universities and research institutes, Pavia Farmaceutici has carried out researches and developed patents with the dual aim of improving and above all developing technologies for everybody’s care and well-being.


Technological innovation is based on patented ionic molecules and adducts (PCT / IB2013 / 054647, PCT / IB2013 / 054649, US2016 / 0130234 A1) where effective synergies operate between different actives, which allow, even at low levels of concentration, to obtain an effective antimicrobial action, useful for applications in new pharmaceutical formulations for topical use.

Antimicrobials vs. Antibiotics

Antiseptics differ from antibiotics because they show a wider spectrum of activity and can be effective against many kinds of microorganisms, such as aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts, fungi and moulds.

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is widely documented in medical literature. For instance, Tambe et al. compared the ability of the Staphylococcus epidermidis to develop resistance to various antibiotics and antiseptics. (J Antimicrob Chemother. 2001;47(5): 589-598).

The results obtained show that such bacterial species develops resistance to antibiotics, namely minocycline and rifampicin, while no evidence of resistance was found in Biguanides and Silver molecular complexes.

Ionic silver

Silver is an effective antimicrobial agent with low toxicity, important especially in the treatment of skin lesions and in cases where it is essential to quickly control bacteremia.

The mechanism of action of Ag + ions is not entirely known, but it is hypothesized that they exude activity as they can bind the carboxyl groups of the membrane and the thiol groups (-SH) present in enzymes and proteins, causing its denaturation. It is known that silver forms solid sulfur bonds (Ag-S) with thiol groups present in cell membrane proteins involved in energy production and ionic transport1.

It is important that no adverse effects on human cells are reported, most likely due to the presence of repair mechanisms, absent in the simplest microbial cellular organisms.

Ag+ ions do not induce resistance and are particularly active against bacterial species, also exhibiting fungi and viruses2.

Considering the remarkable antimicrobial activity of Ag +, it is essential to preserve its thermal and photochemical stability, avoiding that the species undergoes reduction processes to a metallic species with a parallel loss of efficacy.

Pavia Farmaceutici's patented technology innovation allows silver, in its active form, to stabilize, both from a thermal and a photochemical point of view.

1. Klueh, U., Wagner, V., Kelly, S., Johnson, A., Bryers, J.D. " Efficacy of Silver-Coated Fabric to Prevent Bacterial Colonization and Subsequent Device-Based Biofilm Formation." Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials. 2000. Volume 53. p. 621-631.

2. G. Thornhill; J.B. Stahl; C.W. Opp 3M HEALTHCARE 2009; S.A. Jones, P.G. Bowler, M Walker, D. Parsons. Wound Repair and Regeneration, 12, 289, 2004.

Active compounds

The active agents in powder form are composed of anionic silica particles functionalized with cationic antimicrobial species adsorbed on their surface. Such species include cationic complexes of Silver and Biguanides.


Fields of application

The following examples relate to some applications of silver nanoparticles employed at industrial level. Based on the characteristics of new products, colloidal silver can be replaced with new-generation photo-chemically and thermally stable silver complexes patented by Pavia Farmaceutici.

Wound dressings

Dressings incorporating silver nanoparticles were developed in view of reducing infections. In-vitro tests showed their efficacy in eliminating Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus colonies with >99.99% efficiency.

Endotracheal tubes

Patients who need artificial breathing are frequently subject to pulmonary diseases. It was observed that when treating with silver nanoparticles the internal surfaces of endotracheal tubes the formation of bacteria slows down, and the Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonization of lungs is reduced.

Surgical masks

Studies on the antimicrobial properties of surgical masks treated with silver nanoparticles were carried out. The treated masks were able to reduce E. coli and S. aureus by nearly 100%, without irritating the skin.

Food packaging

Some food packaging include plastic or carton food containers. Though the FDA approved a limited number of silver-containing compounds that can come into direct contact with food, in Japan food packaging incorporating silver nanoparticles are very common.

In addition to these applications, made possible thanks to the actives designed by Pavia Farmaceutici, and to the Medical Devices, that we developed and which are already sold at drugstores, we’d like to mention the production of antimicrobial plastic materials incorporating the Silver-Sil, the production of antimicrobial acrylic varnish or polyurethane to coat plastic materials (as we did for Metalchimica) or glass containers by means of the Cosmosilver, the manufacturing of antimicrobial dressings by means of the Silver Bard and also the possibility to make antimicrobial coatings of objects and fabrics by means of the spray product Bacterial Barrier.

Furthermore, we developed (patentable) products containing high-concentration silver complexes with hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol, which could be certified as devices for surfaces and applied as disinfectants of surgery rooms and surfaces in hospitals, as well as be used on filters of any sort, including car filters.

Our Products

KAdermin line

SCX technology available in Private Lable

Medical Device Line

SCX technology. Evolution of technology for the skin lesions repair.

KAdermin is a medical devices line that creates an effective protective barrier an adjuvant for the natural tissue regeneration processes and fostering the restoration of the normal physiological conditions useful to spontaneous skin regeneration.

CX complex is made from Silicon Dioxide functionalized with Silver Ions and Chlorhexidine; Thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it means that the barrier formed by the medical device is resistant to the microbial agents’ attack thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it guarantees that the barrier formed by the medical device is resistant to microbial agents’ attacks.



15 ml - 50 ml / Medical device

Indicated for the treatment of minor wounds, cuts, minor burns and abrasions (ex. scratches).

polvere 50/125 Kadermin


50ml / 125ml / Medical device

Indicated as an adjuvant treatment for wounds, abrasions, minor burns and especially exudative skin lesions.

mousse Kadermin


125 ml / Medical device

Cream dispensed in the form of mousse, adjuvant treatment of minor wounds, decubitus lesions, irritations and redness from cloth diapers etc.

linea veterinaria KAdermin

KAdermin crema vet


50 ml /  

KADERMIN VET CREAM is recommended for the treatment of minor wounds, cuts, abrasions (ex. scratches), minor burns, surgical injuries, ulcers, sores in all animals. It can be applied on all kind of damaged tissues, including mucosae.

KAdermin spray vet


125 ml /  

KADERMIN VET POWDER SPRAY is a powder formulation that creates a protective barrier, on wounds, abrasions, and skin lesions especially in the presence of exuding wounds and it protects the perilesional skin from maceration phenomenons. KADERMIN POWDER SPRAY VET fosters the natural tissue repair of all animals lesions.

Silversil technology available in Private Label


KADERMIN Skincare Powder spray


Kadermin Skincare powder spray is a dermoprotective, absorbent and soothing powder spray indicated to relieve skin redness and irritations such as diaper irritation , rubbing redness , red rash in skin folds and erythema.

Kadermin skincare powder spray is ideal for use especially on moist areas ( such as inguinal , axillary, interdigital, intergluteal areas, submammary fold, other skin folds).Thanks to the innovative patented ingredient Silversil, Kadermin Skincare offers an efficacious skin protection against microbial agents’s attack.

KADERMIN Skincare Cremam


Kadermin skincare cream is a regenerative, emollient and soothing cream ideal for all the family. Its specific formulation , thanks to hydrating activity of Panthenol and Aloe, is indicated to relieve skin irritation and redness caused by shaving, hair removal, wind or sun, insect bites, cracks, rubbing and erythema of skin folds. Thanks to the innovative patented ingredient Silversil, Kadermin skincare offers an efficacious skin protection against microbial agents’s attack. Kadermin skincare cream gives your skin an immediate and pleasant sensation of freshness and skin becomes smoother and softer.

KADERMIN Skincare Water spray


Kadermin skincare water spray thanks to the hydrating properties of Green tea and Aloe, provides a quick relief to itchy skin and it is useful in alleviating redness, irritation, dehydration of the skin and in cases of exposure to aggressive external agents (sun, wind, insect bites). Kadermin skincare water spray provides to the skin an immediate and pleasant sensation of freshness and makes it smoother and softer. It is quickly absorbed without massaging, preventing thus discomfort caused by the friction on skin. Thanks to the innovative patented ingredient Silversil offers also an efficacious skin protection against microbial agents’s attack.

Product development

Products developed by Pavia Farmaceutici are based on patented antimicrobial active compounds and can be divided into two large groups:

  • for topical use: on the skin and on oral and genital mucosae to protect the injury microenvironment from external microbial aggressions;
  • for dental and gingival use: with antibacterial and antiviral properties.

The table shows the products grouped by each therapeutic area.

Click please on the icon to visualize product list.


CREAM PET tube 50 ml Abrasions, macerations, traumatic wounds, decubitus ulcers, diabetic foot, athlete's foot, perilesional skin, healthy skin, burns, ulcers.
125 ml
POWDER SPRAY Aluminum bottle 50 ml
125 ml
FOAM SPRAY Aluminum bottle 50 ml
125 ml
MOUSSE SPRAY Aluminum bottle 50 ml
125 ml
CREAM PET tube 25 ml Vulvo-vaginitis, warts, post-partum wounds, vulvar post-surgery, vulvar care.
50 ml
FOAM SPRAY Aluminum bottle 50 ml
125 ml
VAGINAL OVULES Blister by 10 ovules 10 ovules
GEL WASHING WASHING single-use dose by 20 m 10 doses
MOUSSE SPRAY Aluminum bottle 50 ml Red and scaly skin further to diaper use.
125 ml
CREAM PET tube 100 ml
NASAL SPRAY Gas-free glass bottle 50 ml Nasal washings
125 ml
>NASAL SPRAY Glass bottle by 20 ml solution with polythene dropper 50 ml Ear-washing solution
125 ml
MEDICATED EYE DROP     Corneal ulcers
GEL (WITH APPLICATOR) PET tube 25 ml Anal fissures, Haemorrhoids, Ano-rectal post-surgery, care.
50 ml
MINI SUPPOSITORIES Aluminum blisters 10 mini Suppositories
MOUSSE SPRAY Aluminum bottle 50 ml
125 ml

In addition to applications in the medical field in general, technological innovation is also applied in the production of sterile and/or antibacterial containers for pharmaceutical use. This kind of container is ideal in any field (cosmetic, medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, veterinarian and community), where interrupting the chain of infection transmission through the handling of containers is important.

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Pavia Farmaceutici's activities are carried out according to qualified protocols and standard processes to achieve the best results. We supply companies with finished products in Private Label, always developing new technologies and providing constant regulatory assistance.


The R&D Laboratory designs and develops new basic technologies that are applied to the development of new products for personal care (skincare, healthcare)
Laboratory tests allow the definition of specific products that meet customer’s requirements
Prototypes developed in the laboratory are evaluated on the basis of chemico-physical, organoleptic and microbiological characteristics that precede stability tests, that will be carried out on the industrial prototype.
The R&D laboratory is able to make formulations in gel, both on an aqueous and oily bases, emulsions, powder mixtures, mousse, foams and liquid sprays.

The information gathered during R&D represent the starting point for the industrial scale-up.
The R&D Department follows early on the production of pilot batches, supporting the toll-manufacturer of a new production step by step.

The industrial batch undergoes all the assessments necessary to define its organoleptic, chemico-physical and microbiological characteristics, its biocompatibility and stability, and finally it is clinically evaluated by the Medical Direction.
The information gathered at this stage make up the dossier required for the following certification stage, that will make the product available to patients/end users.

Products designed, developed and ready to be put on the market are certified in conformity to the rules in force, such as Directive 93/42 /EEC concerning Medical Devices Directive and the Regulation (CE) 1223/2009 on cosmetic products.


Pavia Farmaceutici decided to invest significant economic resources in an internationalization program. We are currently active in 33 countries by means of local distributors and our product are being registered in other countries.


News and Events


21-23 september 2018 | Kuala Lumpur

On the occasion of the “Global Wound conference” hold in Kuala Lumpur on September 21-23th, our Malaysian partner YSP has successfully launched Kadermin.
We thank warmly YSP SAH team for their excellent and professional participation to this event and for having worthily represented Pavia Farmaceutici.

Global Wound Conference »


ICWM 2017

May 25-26 2017 | London, UK

During the 19th International Conference on Wound Management, Roberto Cassino, Valeria Dissette, Carlo Alberto Bignozzi and Daniele Pazzi were awarded the "Certificate of Best Presentation" for the paper publication:


EPUAP 2017

September 20-22 2017 | Belfast, Northern Ireland

Three new papers were published during the 19th Annual Meeting of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, confirming the efficacy of the SCX complex in the treatment of decubitus wounds:


WUWHS 2022

1-5 March 2022 | Abu Dhabi

During the 6th Congress of WORLD UNION of WOUND HEALING SOCIETIES 2020 - Abu Dhabi, UAE , our Medical Director , Dr. Roberto Cassino has presented two clinical trials :

  • Technomolecular silver cream : “Three contemporary actions”
  • SCX spray powder as alternative to Povidoiodine in the treatment of the eschar of the heel"


WUWHS 2016

September 25-29 2016 | Florence, Italy

Pavia Farmaceutici participated at the World Congress of Vulnology held in Florence from Sept. 25-29, 2016, During the event two clinical trials results proving the efficacy of the innovative SCX technology were presented:


Il Sole 24ore| 24oreNews

19 november 2019

The history and projects of Pavia Farmaceutici published on Sole 24ore and on 24oreNews. We describe our projects of growth and internationalization of the company.

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